J&J International

For over 30 years J&J International have been providing high quality and cost effective solutions for on-production catering, for the television and film industries worldwide.

Catering is an essential part of the process of creating great productions, with not only the quality of the food to be considered but also the speed at which it can be served. Reducing break times and getting the cast and crew back to work as quickly as possible, contented and happy is one of the skills which J&J International is proud of - we can serve one hundred people a three-course meal in a half-hour period.

J&J Internation mobile kitchens


Our fleet of modern, well equipped vehicles work from a staffed office and food preparation facility, giving you a fixed point of contact for your enquiries. Unlike many other catering companies, we do not charge mileage rates, simply fuel at cost, which represents a considerable savings for the production company.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries, or wish to discuss matters further.

J&J Internation mobile kitchens